[Podcast] Why You’re Hardwired To Avoid Change – And How To Fix It.

“Change is the only constant.” – Heraclitus

Have you ever realized how hard it is to make better food choices and adopt a regular exercise routine? You aren’t alone.

In order to effectively grow and reach your goals, you will have to adopt behaviors and do things you don’t normally do—much of which will be out of your comfort zone. This constant state of change and growth is quite difficult because we are hardwired to avoid change.

Listen to the new podcast episode below, where I discuss the Status Quo Bias: our innate tendency to avoid change and keep things as they are. Learn why it happens and strategies we can use to better accept and adapt to change.

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2 thoughts on “[Podcast] Why You’re Hardwired To Avoid Change – And How To Fix It.

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the great article.A lot of people join the gym right after new year as a new year’s resolution. Another common time for joining is just before summer, when people want to look their best especially while spending time at the beach. Joining a gym is great for regular exercise as well as personal motivation.


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