About Alex McBrairty

B.A. Psychology | NASM CPT | NASM CES

“Momento Mori” – Remember that you will die.

A personal mantra and reminder to hold nothing back, and to put everything you have into everything you do.


Hello, My name is Alex McBrairty. I am a professional fitness trainer, writer, and speaker on a mission to change the lives of those who want to improve their health. Utilizing my experience in the fitness industry, and my background in psychology, my aim is to provide you with the tools necessary to not only reach your goals, but give you the power to maintain your progress indefinitely.

I became a personal trainer for one reason: to change lives. I know firsthand how powerful a change it can be to improve one’s health. I was obese, as a child and as a teenager, and it dictated every aspect of my life. My weight put limits on the things I could do, and my lack of confidence kept me from truly experiencing life. I have experienced what it is like to be held back by poor health. I have felt the struggles, I have experienced the setbacks, but, moIMG_5788st importantly, I have overcome them. I know you can too.

Everyday we are writing the story of our lives. I’m here to help you stop living your life on the sidelines and, instead, become the hero of your story.